JulDem`s debut EP "ReLoveUnion" contains five different songs, five different themes & one strong message.


When something moves him, the Vallisaier sits with his guitar and starts to compose. It is his thousand questions to the world, his reflections about himself and his love for the most diverse people with whom he prefers to talk for days on end.

To say that we are all trapped in our own system no matter where we are in the world and that freedom may not even exist, hits a nerve for many people. A peaceful coexistence without violence and injustice is very important to JulDem. He embodies this with his message, the title song and the name of the EP "ReLoveUnion".


Asking the question who is JulDem, he answers philosophically; he would need his whole life to figure that out, but even then he wouldn't know whether he understands life or not and perhaps only think that he understands it.


Because, much like many of us, JulDem`s life is also a bit of a roller coaster ride. In the song "Rolling Down", the 27 year old shares intimate moments of his life that tell us how the terrible feeling of being left alone can pull the rug from under your feet and the use of drugs and alcohol could be a terrible consequence of trying to forget the oppressive pain for a brief moment. These days for Julien Pellaud, alias JulDem, not knowing who you're talking to is magnetic and an exciting adventure. Day after day, listening, feeling emotions and learning from others makes him happy.


Besides his passion for music, JulDem dreams of his message contributing his part of a "ReLoveUnion".

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